We are an agronomic company, working on the Polish, EU and Eastern European agro market in a wide range and in an innovative form. Our goal is very simple: effective cooperation with agriculturists and agronomists in terms of fertilization and foliar nutrition.

The diverse experience which we have gathered and constant cooperation with various entities of our business allows us to build partnerships based on fair-play trade, by approaching farmers already from many corners of the world offering not only the range of safe foliar fertilizers but also agronomic suport.

In addition to the fertilizer offer itself, we also provide individualized agronomic support in the field of plant growing and plant production, thus helping our clients to optimize the use of fertilizers and maximize their performance. This way we have grown so far: wheat, barley, triticale, rape, beetroot, maize, soy, millet, broad bean, legumes, cucurbit vegetables, apiaceae, allium, tea, grape, marijuana and many others.

As direct importers of preparations straight from European and American factories, we can boast an offer at very affordable prices.